About Us

Why BootstrapSkins?

Finding a good theme for your website can be something of a nightmare. Whether it's uncertainty about what you're buying, or concerns about who's going to support you if you have questions or changes in mind, the end result is the same: much unhappiness. And that doesn't even take into consideration how difficult it is to find a theme with the right look in the first place!

We launched BootstrapSkins in 2015 after our founder, Thomas Buck, got thoroughly bored of constantly experiencing such a struggle over what should be a pretty simple process.

BootstrapSkins has three core principles:

  • Make it easy to find themes
  • Offer great support, including via live chat
  • Great themes at great prices

With over 2,000 themes in our collection, we're sure that you'll find the Bootstrap theme you're looking for..

Who's Behind BootstrapSkins?

Thomas Buck profile image

Thomas Buck, CEO.

Tom has been involved in the Bootstrap world right since version 1 was first released. With website experience dating back to the wild-west times of the internet in the late nineties, Tom's experience has proven invaluable to the success of the site and to our visitors' happiness.

When he's not powering through new code releases and making sure everyone has a great time, Tom likes to torture his family and neighbours with his piano playing.

A devoted father of two, Tom always makes time for his family, and is currently trying to teach his children to not dictate their father's every waking moment.